Serena Morgan
The Disability Foundation


(Treatwell Review)


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'Attentive, caring, non selfish, consensual human contact is imperative to our physical and mental health.  This is why I do what I do.'

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                - Serena Morgan


Serena's heart lays in healing and growth and believes that touch holds an immense amount of power in aiding both of those things.  Whether treating a sprained ankle or complex PTSD Serena has a strong belief in what she does and the service that she provides.

With interests in hiking, cycling and yoga and over 10 years professional experience in dance and performance Serena has an unconditional love for the body and for movement.  It is through extensive touring and receiving massages and treatments all over the world that Serena realised how difficult it was to receive a high quality treatment whilst feeling like you have had a great massage at the same time.  As a result this is one of her main focus' when treating her clients.

Whilst Serena encourages a longer treatment session to her clients she understands how busy life can be (especially in London), so caters for quick and short treatments for those on a tighter schedule and for more intense focused work.

After studying various massage techniques including Sports and Remedial Massage, Pregnancy Massage and Thai Yoga Massage both in London around the globe she tailors a treatment specific to the clients individual physical, emotional and mental needs.  

Serena also enjoys spending her time volunteering, helping where she can.  As a result she has volunteered for a number of charities including, The Disability Foundation, KidsCo and Great Ormond Street Hospital.  She hopes to continue her voluntary work in the future.

Serena is registered with the SMA.