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'Attentive, caring, non selfish, consensual human contact is imperative to our physical and mental health.  This is why I do what I do.'
- Serena Morgan


Serena is Registered with the SMA & CNHC .  She is also available on the BAPAM directory

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Serena's heart lays in helping to heal and facilitating growth and believes that touch holds an immense amount of power in aiding both of those things.  Whether treating a sprained ankle or complex PTSD Serena has a strong belief in what she does and the service that she provides.

With interests in running, hiking and the outdoors as well as yoga and performance (and with over 10 years professional experience in dance and performance), Serena has an unconditional love for the body and for movement.  It is through both extensive touring and receiving massages and treatments all over the world that Serena realised how difficult it was to receive a high quality treatment whilst feeling like you have had a great massage at the same time.  As a result this is one of her main focus' when treating her clients. 

After studying various hands-on-therapy techniques both in London around the globe she tailors a treatment specific to the client's individual physical, emotional and mental needs.  Whether you need a massage for neck pain or whether you need an integrative approach alongside other therapies Serena is always happy to help.  


She has worked in professional sport, performance, martial arts, oncology, pre-natal and much more.

Serena loves to spend what time she can volunteering and helping others.  As a result she has volunteered for a number of charities including, The Disability Foundation, KidsCo and Great Ormond Street Hospital.  

What is Soft Tissue Therapy?


The Sports Massage Association describes Soft Tissue Therapy as; 'the managment, manipulation and rehabilitation of soft tissues in the body including muscles, tendons and ligaments'.  Soft Tissue Therapy uses an array of techniques to treat the body bridging the gap between massage and a treatment that you may receive from an Osteopath, Physiotherapist or a Chiropractor.  Soft Tissue Therapists can offset the work of other therapists because some injuries may not need Physiotherapy or Osteopathy but would benefit from hands-on-work that is more tailored and specific than a deep tissue massage.


Some techniques you may experience in soft tissue therapy include but not limited t0o; massage, acupuncture, cupping, IASTM & manipulation.  So you could go to a Soft Tissue Therapist specifically for one of these treatments however, it is good to note that not all Soft Tissue Therapists will have the same skillset.  If you know you really want cupping with massage or if you would like dry needling with massage then Soft Tissue Therapy would be great for you.  Equally if you have pain and you're not sure what you need you can you can always email and ask what your options are or come in to better understand what Soft Tissue Therapy is.  Should you require more extensive work involving diagnosis, a Soft Tissue therapist can refer you on to somebody more specialised.  

Just like any kind of talking or hands-on therapy, each therapist is different.  So it's good to take the time to read what your therapist offers and the skills that they have to see if they can give you what it is your body needs.


(Treatwell Review)

Serena is registered with the SMA, CNHC & BSIO and is also available on the BAPAM Directory. 

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