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I have the most sensitive skin:  With allergies to ingredients found in most moisturisers, lotions, oils and cremes I have to careful which products I use on my skin.  This is great news for my clients as they get raw unrefined products used during their treatments which are deeply nourishing and free from an array of ingredients that tend to irritate skin.  However it also means that I don't get to give them "fancy" oils with the fresh aroma of the rainforest or a warming lavender scent to help ease their stress (I also respect not everybody cares for such things).  However you can imagine that when I came across Nom Nom I got excited that there was product that I could use on my clients that would be designed especially for them that I could also use on my skin.  A product that gave me both me and my client another option during the treatment. 


Nom Nom Skincare Range

Nom Nom Skincare Range

Founded by complimentary, pregnancy, and nutritional therapist Jayne Russell.  Nom Nom Skincare was created for all stages of pregnancy with lots of feedback and input from mothers in all stages of pregnancy.  There is a Stretch Butter to help during the first trimester, a Relaxing Oil to help during the second trimester and then a Perineum Balm to help during the third trimester.  Then... once the little bubba is born there is a range for especially for them:  A baby bath, a baby oil and a baby butter.  You can soak and massage your little bubba with this incredible organic range from Nom Nom Skincare.

As well as Mama being about to experience the these products during her treatment she is also able purchase them with a special rate of 10% off through SMT.  Not only this, there are pregnancy bundles available with Nom Nom Skincare products included just see my packages page for more information.

If you would like to read more about Nom Nom Skincare you can do so from the button below.

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