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Five Elements Acupuncture


Robert Bevan (Lic. Ac.) (M.AFEA)


Robert is a Five Element Acupuncturist. 


Five Element Acupuncture is a system of medicine that has been used for thousands of years. It focuses on bringing balance back to the body, mind and spirit by tapping into our innate ability to heal and returning us to optimum health and vitality.


Cost: £130 for the initial consultation and £110 per session thereafter


To make an appointment please contact Robert or Serena via email: -

Five Element practitioners use the Law of the Five Elements as a guide in correcting the imbalance of energy within the body. They recognize that each individual is unique, and while their symptoms may be identical to another person’s, the cause of those symptoms depends on the individual. To determine the cause, the practitioner must first identify the patient’s Constitutional Factor, or CF. The CF is the first element to go out of balance in an individual and becomes the underlying disturbance in the patient’s energy. By restoring balance to the energy of the CF, rather than simply treating symptoms, the Five Element practitioner treats the patient as a whole, leading to a longer-lasting level of well-being.

To determine a patient’s CF, practitioners follow sensory cues from the patient known as CSOE: color, sound, odor and emotion. Each element has its own correspondences that the practitioner is trained to see and hear in their patients. Diagnosing the CF through these clues allows the practitioner to focus on the specific meridians and points associated with the CF. Thus, a path of treatment unfolds.

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