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There is nothing quite like having a treatment in the comfort of your own home.  Whether is be a rehabilitative treatment or something a little more indulgent there is a convenience and a confidence that comes with having a service provided for you at home.

Due to increase in demand I have decided to set aside time to provide home visits so that those who may be slightly more vulnerable or who do not wish to go too far from home can still receive my services.

Why a Home Visit?

There are some people who really benefit from being surrounded by familiarity, it allows them to relax and can creates a greater sense of safety for them.

Some people physically can not leave their home.  Simple tasks can cause so much pain they won't make it into a clinic.  A home visit can help give them back their mobility and their freedom.

During this pandemic there are those who are vulnerable and may be too afraid to leave their home.  These individuals may also benefit from hands-on-treatment.

These are but a few reasons

What happens during a home visit?

During a home visit you can expect me to arrive at the time you have booked your treatment for.  So if you have booked me for 5pm then that is the time I shall arrive and I will need approximately 15 minutes to set up in a room of your choice.  I will need space for a massage table and space to walk around it.  I provide everything I need and all linen and any tools used will be freshly cleaned and sanitised before the treatment.  The duration of treatment starts from the moment I put my hands on your body, so even if I have been in your home for 30 minutes before we start the treatment, the duration of your treatment will begin 30 minutes after I arrive.  Once the treatment is over I will need 15 minutes to pack up take payment and leave.  

Home Visit Prices

Unfortunately home visits can take up a lot of time because I want you to enjoy the experience I don't want to rush or for you to feel rushed.  In the same time that I may normally be able to fit 3 or 4 clients in at the treatment room I can only fit 1 or 2 for a home visit.  Not only this I will be driving to your home and with driving comes the cost of petrol, time spent to and from your home as well as the possibility of congestion charges and parking costs.

It is because of this that the prices are higher than that of the ones in the treatment room.  The prices below are fixed but please note if you do live within the congestion charging zone the congestion charge may be added to the cost of your treatment.

If you are hoping to enquire about a home visit then please get in touch find out more

Where do I work?

I provide home visits for South East London, South West London and the Islington borough.  If you are outside of any of those areas please email me to discuss further.

When do I work?

Home visits are currently unavailable

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