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'I have just had my first treatment with Serena. She is professional, intuitive, empathic, and most importantly, highly effective. My problem is already much improved and she has given me helpful direction as to how to manage things going forward. I would highly recommend her and feel lucky to have found her myself.'



It can be really difficult to describe what I do because my skill set isn't always quantifiable.  I could say that I help with injury rehab and injury prevention, I could say that I help scars heal after traumatic surgeries, I could also say that I help those who have suffered severe sexual and/or physical abuse to learn or re-learn that not all touch is abusive - and all of these are true but that's not all I do.
Essentially I belive my job is to lend a hand in a safe space.  I have the skill set not only to help people in their journey of reclaiming their truth or bodies, but to do so in a safe, non-judgmental space (which some people don't believe exists).   But they are my skills, that's what's on paper, my qualifications. What sets me apart is my heart and my drive, my journey and my "why". And part of that "why" is that:  I believe that we are all enough, that we all matter and that we all need to take up as much space as we can, in our fullest, most whole, authentic selves, without apology.  I'm here to help you find relief from your pain, have the ability to run the fastest you can, be the strongest you can achieve and walk with pride in your identity and sexuality.  


I work hard to provide a safe, rehabilitative space where I can facilitate that.  And I start by lending a hand... Or two.


The Sports Massage Association describes Soft Tissue Therapy as; 'the managment, manipulation and rehabilitation of soft tissues in the body including muscles, tendons and ligaments'.

attending John Sharkey: Human Dissection

Tensegrity in Fascia: Human Cadavar Disscetion Course King's College 

The above can absolutely include massage, but the difference between what I will provide as a soft tissue therapist instead of a massage therapist, lays in the amount and the depth of training I have and continue to obtain.  I incorporate dry needling, myofascial cupping, kinesiology taping,  myofascial release and ScarWork in my treatments.  I have trained with some incredible teachers and anatomists including John Sharkey in human cadaver dissection.  I talk to surgeons, I liaise with and work alongside Osteopaths and physiotherapists.  I have clinical and psychological supervisors to ensure that I am working to hold space correctly as well as continue my professional development.  I attend events and conferences to keep updated on medical developments relevant to my work and after 8 years of practise I and humble enough to know that there is still so much more to learn.


If only it were that simple.  I have people who see me for injury rehabilitation post ACL surgery.  I have people who see me for post-surgical ScarWork.  I have people who see me for physical maintenance, to facilitate strength training and for general wellbeing.  I treat pain and I hold space.  That pain could be back, pain, knee pain, ankle pain, shoulder pain, neck pain or something else.  I work with doctors, consultants, clinicians and psychologists so if I don't think I am the right clinician for you I can guide you to where may be better for you.

Likewise, if you're not sure and you have questions, send me an email and I will be more than happy to have a conversation.


Monday 1pm - 9pm

Tuesday 3pm - 8pm (until April 2024)

Wednesday 3pm - 10pm

Thursday 8am - 8pm

Sunday 12pm - 6pm

Wednesday 9am - 2pm

Friday 9am - 5pm


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