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SMTSignature is a new Sports Massage sequence developed to provide you with a deep and intense experience.

I have been receiving sports massage for over a decade, sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly.  I have experienced massages all over the world, from massages all over the world.  Though that may not make sense.  When you understand that you can receive a Thai Yoga Massage from London UK it makes a bit more sense.

So what is Sports and Remedial Soft Tissue massage?


I think I read online that it's a form of massage involving the manipulation of soft tissue to benefit a person engaged in regular physical activity. 

hmmm... which is interesting as I am pretty sure I have given treatment to many people who do not engage in regular physical activity.


Sports massage is a hands-on-therapy drawing on scientifically proven touch techniques that manipulate and facilitate all tissues of the body to provide a rehabilitating and remedial service to those who suffer acute or chronic discomfort and/or pain.  It also provides a rehabilitative aid to muscles pre and post workout/race/injury to aid recovery, facilitate function and retain strength/flexibility.

A lot of our work can offset and/or support that of Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Osteopaths.  Our experience does not usually lay in one technique, we may rely on a number of techniques and qualifications (i.e spinal manipulation, cupping, medical acupuncture) to provide not just a therapeutic but also a medical service to the public.

That's what those of us who really care for our qualification believe.

Of course you do get those who just provide a deep tissue massage.  The decision to further your study is subjective.

With that being said I sat and decided that a hands-on-only General Sports Massage wasn't enough for me anymore.  Yes I would add extra techniques within my treatments should my client require however those who came in for a general sports massage were getting something that hasn't included new therapies/technologies that are not only offered as a separate service but are actively being used by the public when they don't know anything about it.  We have more people in the public buying and using percussive therapy devices for massage and not knowing anything about anatomy or what it does to your muscles than we do people coming for massage.

I wanted to create a new sequence for clients that is fundamentally a sports massage but one that uses some of the tools that are available for purchase, that people at home are using but maybe not in the right way.  Opening people's minds to a new General Sports Massage Treatment that incorporates new technologies.

SMTSiganture is a set sequence, which leaves very little room for creativity and individuality which... is a side step from the service I normally provide.


It infuses 5 different techniques in one treatment, targeting different tissues at different depths  Using:  Heatpercussion, touch, suction and stretch it allows you to experience different sensations and temperatures, targeting the CNS and the PNS as well as the MSK and your whole physical and emotional wellbeing.  

In 60 - 90 minutes

and it's still a Sports Massage.

So what are these 5 techniques? Well I will tell you...


This is quite literally my hands.  I will be touching and rubbing, kneading and squeezing.  Just like always.  


Using Theragun technology I will provide percussive therapy to stimulate the PNS.  This pays focus to the fascia and muscles to generate heat, encourage blood flow, stimulate trigger points, encourage muscular release and in some cases trigger uncontrollable laughter (tired and tested).


A technique that has been used for a very long time in both the east and the west.  I will be using cupping to manipulate fascia and release tension through injured joints and tissues, encourage blood flow, facilitate opening up of joint mobility, improve posture and reduce fascial tension for posture.


 Targeting the stimulation of the CNS as well as stretching being a great way to release muscle fibre, fascial lines and facilitate flexibility.  Those of you who find it difficult to relax in a passive stretch may benefit from this.


Muscles like heat.  They like to be rubbed, manipulated and stretched when they are warm so... why would I not facilitate my treatment with heat?


Some I have loved and Some I have hated and to be honest it wasn't necessarily the style... it was never about the style it was always about the therapist.  Massage isn't always about what massage you re receiving it is about who you are receiving it from.

My touch has always been my biggest strength as a therapist... It look me a minute to understand the scientific language used by my peer but my touch... 

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