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A New Beginning...


I believe that there are so many different phrases, words or captions that can be placed after those 4 numbers. Words of confusion; words of blessings, words of pain, words of anxiety, words of gratitude... The list is endless and different for each of us.

One thing about 2020 is that, it's not over yet and as I move into the stages of reopening SMT I have been confronted with changes that I need to make to my practise for a time span that currently has no ending. However, I also cannot ignore the changes that I have experienced, what I have learnt in times of solitude, fear, anger, pain and gratitude these past 4 months as well as effect it has had on how I now choose to approach my work and how I welcome people back through my door.

Before opening I have decided start a space online where I can share my experiences; my study, my interests and my work. Another way for you to understand my passion and love for what I do and why I do it. Those of you who know me, know that I love working with the body, I am is passionate about the body and I is interested in the maintenance, treatment and care both inside and out. Those of you who don't know me, this space will allow for that and who knows... maybe I'll see you on my table one day.

In this space I hope to tap into ideas, have conversations, present the science and talk about that big pink elephant that is sometimes in the room.

I hope it can be a space of laughter learning and loving. For you and for me.


Serena x

(I have fallen in love with many artists on instagram this year and @hannahgoodart is one of them. This is her magical artwork on this post)



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