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Rubs, Tugs and Squeezes

De-robing for a probing. Let’s talk about it...

I figured maybe it was best to kick off my blog talking about my own service and allow you to understand why I enjoy what I do so much and also allow you to see why I think it is so important for people to receive a massage.

Which will explain why it’s so insulting when somebody makes a joke (or not) about whether or not my service includes a sexual happy ending 🙄.

I could talk about this all day as well as offshoot onto subtopics so I will do my best to keep it short.

Let’s start with the basic fundamental of why I think massage is important.

Attentive, caring, non selfish, consensual human contact is imperative to our physical and mental health.

For example: When you touch another person with a gentle and caring approach, your skin emits signals to the brain which in turn can reduce the amount of cortisol into the body as a result, this reduces stress; and too much cortisone in the body can increase; cardiovascular problems, anxiety, obesity and depression.

It sounds extreme I know but it's true. In a world where people make comparisons of themselves on social media, in a world where people expect a vaccine to a world pandemic within a month, in a world where a University Degree is required for a minimum wage job, where the the right to live is being fought for and where expectation is so high.

There’s a lot of cortisone coursing through our veins.

And it can be reduced with a single touch (so imagine what 60 or 90 minutes of massage can do).

So what is massage?

Well when it comes down to it massage is kneading, rubbing and manipulation of the muscles and joints in the body. Rubs, Tugs and Squeezes. Simple.

Massage can:

Relieve stress, improve circulation, reduce inflammation, rehabilitate injury, ease tension, encourage bowel movement, prepare the cervix for birth, increase libido, improve sleep, bring an awareness to the body, manipulate joints, improve blood pressure, reduce headaches, ease menstrual cramps, encourage labour, speed healing, reduce scar tissue, reset posture, enhance mood, regain flexibility, retrain cell function, release emotional trauma, prepare muscles for sport, reduce delayed onset muscle soreness, and so much more.

Just by kneading, rubbing and manipulating cells and joints.

Now don’t get me wrong we could go much deeper into the science, discussing; tissues, cells, joints, the nervous system and the endocrine system to tell you why and how it does all of those things that I listed above but we have plenty of time to dive into all of that, so I will leave it for another day however, in addition to all of these physical and chemical responses, the way that you feel when somebody pays attentive physical attention to you and your needs for 30 to even 120 minutes, is priceless.

So massage is not just a spa treatment or a quick rub down. Massage can help recover and retrain the body and the brain for a more proficient and happier life.

In a nutshell.

Nowadays we have an array of manual/physical/body therapists to choose from: Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Craniosacral Therapist... The list does keep going and I appreciate that it can be overwhelming. Doctors encourage us in one direction, natural remedies advertise a different approach and each profession may try to just sell you what they provide. They are all valid practises and each of them may be practiced differently depending on your country. It can be confusing and exhausting but I encourage you to look them up in advance. A lot of practitioners may specialise in a particular area like sports, or pregnancy or back pain to make it easier for you to choose. Read their approach and what their goal is for you. Your healing will come better and faster with the right therapist and a good rapport. A good therapist will also know when they cannot help you and will recommend somebody who can.

I also know it can be scary taking off your clothes in front of a stranger, they are not only seeing but they are touching and squeezing our body and I appreciate that so maybe try and start with massaging yourself, don’t be afraid to get into your feet after a long day or your scalp whilst in the shower. Get into your legs and hands and y' know... the other feel good spots 😏. It keeps us familiar with ourselves and will allow you to notice any changes; any lumps, bumps or bruising that start to appear will be noticed quicker if you touch and look at yourself more. Your body is incredible and it can do the most incredible things. It’s important that we give it attention and it's important we try to do it without judgement, all the marks and the hair and the spots and the wrinkles just add to its beauty and uniqueness so, go de-robe and start touching and exploring yourself.


Whilst spending 24 hours in a spa with Hydrothermal baths, saunas and a 30 minute back massage is a wonderful healing and relaxing experience and one I fully support, I work in a different setting. I use massage as a way of rehabilitating physical and/or emotional trauma, to alleviate discomfort during pregnancy and when I reopen will be adding oncology as an area of focus. My space is a safe space for people not to only heal and relax, but also a place where people are supported in their vulnerabilities. The massage bed isn’t just a place of physical healing, it’s a place where people let go of pain, where people release trauma, where people are fighting to walk more proficiently, breath easier, stand more correctly… where people can feel safe to be vulnerable.

I do this because I understand the importance of touch and the importance of being able to live life to your fullest at your best and I want that for everybody. When our body goes through a huge change or trauma whether it be physical or mental our biology can change. Cells are damaged, hormones are released, tension occurs, apprehension settles. It is possible to return to a state of well being, comfort, relaxation and ease. It can take time but it does happen and I believe that massage is a tool that can help allow for that to happen.

By being a massage therapist, I get to take the science, I get to take everything I have learnt (and continue to learn) and I get to take all of my experience in massage therapy and translate it simply, efficiently and compassionately in the incredibly wonderful form of... touch.

Whether you are with me for 60 minutes or 60 sessions, my soul goal is to help you heal and feel better. And if after your time with me you feel better, even in the slightest.

Then that is a happy ending.



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