Le Vagin

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

And reasons to go inside. Lets talk about it...


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Am I really writing a post about Vagina’s?  Honestly? Well... it has been a hot topic of conversation between me and some of the people and clients in my life for the past couple of months.  In addition to this I work with pregnant women, older women, women with trauma and women who may be on medication (for whatever reason).  All of these factors (including what you eat, drink, if you smoke, where you are in your menstrual cycle, how much you are (or are not) having sex, exercise practises, what you wash with, how you wash, tampons, condoms oh my goodness the list..) can sometimes mean a change in hormonal/musculoskeletal balances of the body/pelvis and as a result...we may require a little attention inside the pelvis and sometimes the best way to get to those particular areas are through le vagin.

So I am... but I'm not. Catchy title though huh?

Okay where am I going with this?

Yes die vagina can go through an array of changes and experience a number of things but I’m not here to talk about vaginal drynes or STD’s as… I am a massage therapist.

So let’s talk about massaging... le chatte.

Why would you massage inside the vagina?  What musculoskeletal/hormonal/emotional issues may require internal massage?  What could lead to chronic pelvic pain that requires a specialist to go inside?

A few examples include:


SI Joint disfunction



Sexual Trauma

Musculoskeletal imbalances 


Irritable Bowel Syndrome



Remember the vagina is not just what we see on the outside, the internal passage that leads to the cervix is how you can access certain muscles to help release tension and rehabilitate the whole pelvic girdle.

More than what meets the eye...

So what are the types of massage that require access via the pochwy?

Pelvic Floor Massage

Pereineum Massage

Yoni Massage

Let's go deeper... (no pun intended)

Pelvic Floor massage

In short

A strong and functional pelvic floor acts as part of your core for pelvic stability: It is also going to stop you from pissing and shitting yourself, it’s going to stop organs falling out, it’s going to keep fluid pumping around the body, and it’s going to assist in a raging erection and a killer orgasm.

In more detail

The pelvic floor is a very important collection of muscles for men and women which acts as a support for our bladder, rectum and uterus (should we have one).  If the pelvic floor is dysfunctional, weak or under a lot of stress from weight it can sometimes allow internal organs to protrude through the openings of the pelvic floor; these protrusions can be known as a prolapse or hemorrhoids; which can be very uncomfortable.  The pelvic floor also wraps around the openings of your bladder and your rectum.  So when under pressure (jumping on a trampoline, or sneezing) the pelvic floor is what prevents ‘leakages’ from happening.  The pelvic floor also has a circulatory role for your blood and lymphatic system.  It acts as a pump to pump lymph and blood upwards in your body (a similar role to your calves) and if the pelvic floor is not pumping lymph and blood back up he body, swelling and congestion can occur.  Your Pelvic floor is an important part of your core providing stability for your pelvis. So if you have taken a fall or suffered a pelvic injury, have SI joint issues or a hypermobile tailbone (as a few examples) your pelvic floor will play a big role in re-stabilising and keeping alignment to your pelvis (kegel exercises are great for pelvic floor strength).  Your pelvic floor also plays a part in erection sustainability, orgasm intensity and comfort during intercourse. Sometimes the pelvic floor can be over-active in contracting causing pain and discomfort during sexual activities. Pelvic floor massage can help train the muscles to relax when needed.

A dysfunctional pelvic floor can cause pain, discomfort, anxiety, depression and  a loss in sexual appetite, (and there's more), so if your are experiencing discomfort I do encourage you to seek help. Lot's of people are timid when experiencing discomfort in the pelvic area and that's okay, but you don't need to sit with the pain.

Pelvic floor massage can help treat dysfunction of the pelvic floor, releasing tension and trigger points internally, allowing for the pelvis to realign and for contractile tissue to activate in a functional way.  It can treat urinary and rectal issues and it can help aid pain and discomfort during sex. Alongside strengthening exercises it can regain tensility in order to play the role it is designed for.

Let us not limit this massage to the vagina for a moment, internal massage for the pelvic floor isn’t just for the ladies. A few issues which may require internal-rectal massage include:

Levator ani Syndrome


Coccyx fractures and breakages


man and woman pelvic floors are not too dissimilar

Perineum massage