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SMT is taking a break and will be re-opening soon.

SMT will be adjusting with the Tier System.  SMT will be open through all tiers but with measures in place, please see below for what you should expect and be prepared for through the different tier systems.

Tier 1 & 2

Tier 1 & 2 will both be the same.  Working without the strict restrictions but with care and consideration, all services will be available but protective wear will still be worn, breaks between clients will still occur, vigilant cleaning and room aeration between clients will still occur and screening will still be performed. 

Masks will remain compulsory until we are out of the tier system.

Tier 3

When in Tier 3 home visits will be on hold I will be reducing the services I offer and will only be providing Sports Massage and Sports Massage for Pregnancy.  The idea is that alongside other manual practitioners the work we do prevents people going to the doctors or the hospital and as a result this offsets the NHS.

Conditions which may indicate treatment

Unbearable pain levels

Inability to perform activities of daily living

Inability to sleep

Inability to work (frontline workers)

Video or telephone consultation will need to take place before your appointment to make sure that your appointment is necessary, and a covid screening form will need to be returned to me prior to your appointment however you are more that welcome to book in for a treatment.

How can I stay open?

The association that I am registered with (the SMA) has a strict list of accredited schools that graduates can register from.  This ensures that every therapist registered with the SMA is of a certain quality and matches a certain criteria.  


The qualification I hold is Level 5 which means it a degree equivalent qualification which includes study of pathological tissues and allows me to treat medical issues.  As a result a number of associations have been able to add their Level 4 and Level 5 Sports Massage Therapists to the same category as Physiotherapists which allows me to continue to work.

for more information please visit my covid-19 information page and if you have any further questions then please do email me at

In the meantime you can always follow me on Instagram for info and stories and you can also read my blog 'Let's Talk About...' where you can read some fun information.