So I love working with people.  Learning collaborating and sharing knowledge if what I have experienced and what wonderful things other people are experiencing too.

As I reopen I have taken care in starting to build new relationships with companies and individuals to enhance the service that I bring to you.

My skin is incredibly sensitive and after many allergy tests I discovered I was allergic to linalool.  Linalool is an ingredient found in most skin and hair products.  It can be made synthetically however, it is naturally occurring in over 50 essential oils.  You can imagine the prescription creams and tablets I have taken to keep the skin of my hands from errupting after every day of massage.  It was very important to me that in reopening I made sure I was looking after my skin, as well as yours.

As a result I will no longer be using products from ranges that you may be familiar with or any recognise from packaging or bottling.  

For all deep tissue and sports massages I will be using a combination of Shae Butter, Cocoa Butter or Avocado Butter all by The Soapery.  A skincare company from Ipswick in the UK, founded by a man who himself has sensitive skin produces a selection of oils and butters at incredible prices with no added ingredients.  I use the unrefined coca butter and Shae butter and I also use the Avocado butter, all natural, all great for the skin and all with very subtle wonderful scents. 


For pregnancy massage I will be using a a different range of products.  I have always used nut free oils for pregnancy massage but now I have found a range that is organic and certified, with no linalool and no essential oil, fragrance and nut free with its own natural scent.  I am becoming a NOMiness with NOM NOM.  An award winning skincare range for mamas and babies.  Certified and organic and it feels so so good on your skin.  Founded by a pregnancy massage therapist, she has created a beautiful range of products that you will be able to purchase through SMT individually or as part of a pregnancy package.